Chris Royalty

re:Work with Google

Can we make work better?


re:Work is a project of Google’s People Operations team – to share tools and guides for implementing progressive people-first policies in the workplace. I helped define and shape the digital platform, including the naming and structure of the content, branding and user journeys, and determining how this project fits within the greater Google brand ecosystem.



re:Work is organized around some of the most important fields in human resources – from hiring to bias – so that managers and directors can find step-by-step tools for making improvements in their workplace. 



Within each subject is a series of actionable guides, including templates and downloadable tools used by Google in their employee interactions. 

We also pulled off a last minute logo redesign, in order to fit within the new corporate brand standards.

Produced by Blue State Digital for Google

  • Creative direction and copywriting: Chris Royalty
  • Design: Jenna Steely & Marie-Christine Gervais
  • UX: Daniel Atwood
  • Communications strategy: Andrew Rothman & Jacquelyn Cheng
  • Account and project management: Ben Murray & Julianna Egner